Monday, January 02, 2012

Sweet little girls

Two extra monkeys at the zoo on New Year's Eve

A few quick updates of sweet moments to treasure away -

Ellie has such a good sense of humor. She loves to laugh and joke. Her favorite joke right now -

Me: "Ellie, how are old are you?"
Ellie: "I'm twoooo! Hahaha!"

So sweet. Ellie is also a very good at hide and go seek (better than Kate, who tells you where she is hiding :) Ellie will run and hide behind the bedroom door (I can't believe how quickly she's running!) Tonight when it was her turn to seek, she was yelling out, "Dada, where are youuuu?" What a cutie. Here she is giving Brett one of her sweet kisses -

A sweet end to the night, Kate wanted to feed Ellie her bottle. She did a wonderful job. While she was feeding her, she would say, "Ellie, I love you so much." Precious. After she was done, Kate and I were enjoying the moment and just looking at Ellie. Then Ellie, clear on the schedule, pointed to her bed and said, "Nigh, Night!" Okay, we've got it, sweet girl :) So cute.

Here are a few pics from New Year's Eve. Brett and I went to a fun concert on the 30th at Southgate house, so we decided to spend the 31st with our 2 favorite girls. We went to J. Alexander's for dinner to celebrate the end of a great year, where Brett finished his first year of school, Ellie celebrated her 1st birthday, and Kate is growing into a sweet little girl. Then we went to the zoo and saw the 9pm fireworks. A great way to end the year.

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